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A pretty lady with dark hair and pale skin, sitting on a chair with flowers in the background.

A conversation with Angela Braun, Luxury Beauty and PR Manager at Ludwig Beck, about places to visit in Germany and her beauty routine.


We’ve put together our essential Spring skincare tips to help your skin transition from Winter to Spring, with ease.

Elixseri serums laid down on a shiny surface with their creamy serum textures

What is the difference between a lipid, a ceramide and an oil? We break it down for you in simple terms...

Elixseri-snow-range (2)-min

We explain what happens to your skin in winter and offer solutions to relieve dryness and restore a dewy glow.

A black and white photograph of German blogger Georgina Moreno looking down

A conversation with lifestyle and fashion blogger, Georgina Moreno, about her style, travel and beauty routine.

A brown haired woman wearing a beige vest holding a purple bottle of Elixseri Firm Conviction serum

We explain what Slow beauty is and how you can apply it to your daily routine

Elixseri bottles underwater

We explain the difference between dehydration and dryness and help you find the perfect serum for your needs...

Image of a brunette lady in a white jumper, with her head reasting on her hand. She is sitting in front of a shelf with skincare products on them.

Swiss Aesthetician and co-founder of Elixseri, Marina Jovicic, shares her most asked questions about serums.

Sadie Reid

A conversation with Sadie Reid, founder and editor of Hip and Healthy magazine, about how she started out and what inspires her now.

Elixseri Skin meditation and elixseri opening act skin serums pictured side by side with large shadows

Looking for some post-summer skin TLC? Try our cure; you will love the results: clear, healthy and glowing skin.

Man using serum

More than half of men worldwide claim to regularly use skincare and they’re often looking for a routine that is simple but

Tara Matthews

TARA MATTHEWS For our next portrait, we caught up with Tara, founder of Tara Matthews swimwear, to discuss travel tips, business advice and her skincare routine.

Summer skincare tips

Swiss Aesthetician and co-founder of Elixseri, Marina Jovicic, shares her top tips for Summer skincare.

Hyperpigmentation blog

What is hyperpigmentation? Read our blog to understand why it occurs and how your skincare routine can help prevent it.

Elixseri bottles with crystals

There might only be four ‘skin types’ (and for the most part, we’re born with them), but there are countless ‘skin conditions’

Jeany Cronk

JEANY CRONK For our third portrait, we spoke with Jeany, founder of Maison Mirabeau to discuss moving to Provence, travel tips and her beauty routine.


Collagen is the glue that holds our bodies together. It is essential to our skin’s elasticity and ‘bounce,’ and it aids the


VAL AND VANDA HENG-VONG We sat down with sisters and founders of Aimé London, to discuss style, work-life balance and skincare.

November 27 2021

SUZANNE DUCKETT We are delighted to introduce #ElixseriPortraits – a new series featuring entrepreneurs, business owners, experts in their fields – and

award-winning elixseri serums contain sustainable meristem technology

We explain our 'clean' and sustainable philosophy and the steps we take to minimise our impact on our environment.

Why Serums add real Power to your Skincare routine.

Two of the most common questions we get asked are “Why should I use a serum?” and “what is the difference between


ELIXSERI’s exclusive Bio Regenerative Technology (BRGT™) works to maximise skin health and metabolism and to slow down the ageing process. Through advanced