We are the serum experts, creators of 21st century elixirs. Our team has over 70 combined years in the skin care business. Our area of expertise is creating powerful, high-tech and results-driven serums. We push the boundaries of science, technology and nature to create new directions in regenerative skincare.


Based on nature, perfected through biotechnology.

Each serum is formulated to respect your skin and the environment. We strongly believe that green and clean should not be incompatible results and we make no compromise in terms of science.


Throughout nature, there exists balanced eco-systems. Your skin’s microbiome is no different. We create serums that act as “skin food” – providing a multitude of healthy nutrients that will restore energy levels and bring balance to your skin, helping to boost your skin’s process of regeneration. Your skin’s health and immunity are supported, and your skin’s natural functions are optimised.


We carefully select plant and marine ingredients which share the same genetic origins as us. Their high compatibility with our own skin makes them very active, with the ability to reprogram our cells’ natural functioning. And because our ingredients are bio-identical, there is much less risk of irritation.


As skincare becomes more technical, more complicated, and more confusing, we suggest a “back to basics” approach by prescribing simple and focused solutions for your skincare needs. Our serums are targeted and flexible and can easily slot into your existing skincare routine to boost the benefits of your current products.


We are 100% transparent about ingredients. We list and explain the origin of every single one. We do not inflate ingredient percentages, as it does not correlate to better performance. We do not overpromise quick-fix results, as they are temporary.


We do no harm to people or planet. We strive to limit our impact on this planet. We rejected plastic for glass bottles. We have reduced waste by removing any unnecessary packaging and wrap. Our plant-based ingredients are produced through biotechnology, preventing plant waste and our marine-based ingredients are cultivated to preserve marine life.


Our products are for all skin types, genders, ages and ethnicities.