The drop in temperature and lack of humidity in the air mixed with central heating can be drying and irritating on your skin, causing your skin to feel uncomfortable, sensitive and red.

However, the right skincare routine can nourish and replenish your skin, helping to ease the discomfort and keep your skin happy and hydrated. Here we share our advice for the perfect winter skincare routine.


The first and most important step in your winter routine is to get rid of dead cells, flaky skin and product build up. If you don’t remove this debris from the surface of your skin, the hydrating products that you apply will not penetrate or work to their full potential. 

We recommend regular exfoliation with our award-winning overnight resurfacing serum, Opening Act 

Elixseri's Opening Act product and packaging. An overnight exfoliating serum and skin renewal treatment with logos for Get the Gloss beauty awards 2023, Wardrobe Icons beauty awards 2021 and Best Beauty Buys 2020.


Award winning overnight resurfacing serum 

For all skin types 


When your skin feels dry and irritated, it’s time to up your moisture game. You should be using something thicker and richer in winter to give your skin extra nourishment and to support your lipid barrier.  

We suggest using our anti-stress serum Skin Meditation. This award-winning serum will provide hydration and nourishment to dry skin. It strengthens the skin’s barrier with lipids (ceramides and omega fatty acids), keeping moisture in and making skin more resilient to external elements such as the cold.

Elixseri's Skin Meditation product and packaging. An anti-stress, anti-redness serum with award icons for Top Santé Beauty Awards 2022 and Hip & Healthy Beauty Awards 2022


Anti-stress serum

Ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin


Apply the same rules to your winter skincare routine as you do with your winter clothing: layers! 

When it comes to our own serums, we recommend using Smooth Player and Skin Meditation together in our Lipid Restore Duo. The combination will protect and reinforce your lipid barrier, providing it with the nourishing and replenishing oils that your skin needs. 

Elixseri's replenishing skin treatment duo of Smooth Player and Skin Meditiation to restore your lipid barrier. Two skin serums sat side by side with their award winning logos pictured.


Serums to support and replenish your skin’s barrier. 

Ideal for dry and lacklustre skin


Incorporate hydrating ingredients into your skincare routine such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and glycerin. We suggest our multi award-winning serum Rescue Diver which brings water retaining hydrating ingredients to your skin and reduces trans-epidermal water loss to help your lipid barrier function. 

A blue glass bottle of Elixseri Rescue Diver hydrating serum pictured next to it's box with it's award logos


Hydrating serum 

For all skin types, especially dehydrated skin

By following a tailored winter skincare routine, you’ll help support your lipid barrier and prevent issues such as dryness and irritation, ensuring that your skin stays radiant and supple all winter long.

Click here if you would like advice on choosing an Elixseri serum targeted to your skin type and skin condition.

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