award-winning elixseri serums contain sustainable meristem technology



Our formulas are based on a clean and sustainable philosophy that respects the environment, as well as your skin, but makes no compromise in terms of results and luxury. 

Many of our natural ingredients are a fusion of nature and biotechnology. We use biotechnology and traditional fermentation processes to extract the powerful molecules from plant or marine organisms. We then isolate them, turbo charge them and duplicate them for use in our serums. This method of using biotechnology to capture nature’s power is highly sustainable as it avoids the over-cultivation of plants or marine life.


There are approximately 18’000 medicinal plant species on our planet, and about 20% of those are at risk of becoming extinct. It is therefore imperative that we act responsibly. We obtain our Meristems (plant stem cells) using technology which allows us to sustainably extract a very large number of powerful actives from carefully selected plants. This technology is ecologically friendly as it does not have an impact on plant diversity or endanger the extinction status of the plant.

Furthermore, the plants we use have not been subject to any environmental toxins (ie herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals…).

For more information on our Meristem Technology, read our Science section


We are the first brand to use traditional fermentation processes to create our exclusive Prebiotic Fruit Ferments. Unlike any other ferments found in skin care, we choose a slow fermentation process and we ferment the whole fruit, over a period of 12 to 18 months.

We only use the best quality yeast (from traditional Sake) and bacteria. Our Papaya, Noni and Mangosteen fruits are grown wild, in large crops in the mountainous areas of  the Philippines, free from GMO or hybrid seeding and untouched by any chemicals or fertilisers.

For more information on our Prebiotic Ferments, read our Science section


Let’s be clear, we are not against parabens but nature has provided us with natural parabens and we choose to use these in the place of synthetic, petro-chemically based ones. We use honeysuckle, which has the roughly the same chemical structure as synthetic parabens. 

Additionally, our prebiotic fruit ferments release cyclodextrin, a by-product of fermentation and an excellent natural preservative.  Just think how long pickles or wine lasts.  That’s fermentation serving as an excellent preservative.

And lastly, we keep our ingredient lists as small as possible, reducing the needs for additional preservatives which are needed to keep the formula stable.


Marine life has existed on our planet for thousands of years and it is no wonder that we share a bio-identity with marine organisms.  But our oceans are currently under attack, and we have a duty to  preserve marine organisms and their habitats as best we can.  

At Elixseri, we use three marine ingredients in our serum formulas for the powerful actions that they demonstrate in our skins. But we are careful to take from nature in a high-tech and sustainable manner.

CONE SNAIL CONOTOXIN PEPTIDE – is bio-engineered in a Swiss lab and recreates the identical properties of the cone snail toxin (muscle relaxing), without risking harm to the cone snail or its environment (endangered mangroves and coral reefs).  

GORGONIAN CORAL – is packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Our Gorgonian Extract is sustainably farmed so that the pruning of the coral preserves its eco-system and promotes faster regrowth of the species. 

MARINE COLLAGEN – Our Marine Collagen is obtained from the sustainable aquaculture of jellyfish. It is the collagen that most resembles human collagen. 


  • Our bottles are made of glass and are easily recyclable.
  • Our bottles are designed with a reservoir at the bottom so you can use every drop and nothing is wasted.
  • Our carton packaging comes from responsibly managed forests and is recyclable.
  • We are phasing out the cellophane wrapping on all our serums.
  • We are digitising all our product leaflets to cut down on waste.
  • And last but not least, every decision we make is made with a view on how we can minimise the impact of our environment.

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