A prickly pear cactus with pink flowers in an arid environment. An extremophile plant.


The cutting-edge science behind Elixseri serums is based on a very simple principle: to support the skin’s microbiome and cellular metabolism is to improve your skin’s health and performance. And at the heart of that science is the incredible power of extremophile plants.  

A close up image of a green plant meristem.


Extremophile plants are plants that have evolved over millions of years to survive and thrive in the most inhospitable environments known to man. Imagine the Edelweiss flower in the extreme cold of the Alps, or Arabian Cotton in the extreme heat of the desert, or Algae in the extreme salinity of the ocean. 

The survival of these plants is thanks to powerful molecules called secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites are compounds that help the plant survive: they defend against predators and pathogens (bacteria and fungi), they protect the plant from  physical assault such as UV rays and pollutants (free radicals), and they support cell reproduction. Secondary metabolites demonstrate significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. You may be familiar with common secondary metabolites such quercetin, capsaicin and papain. 

* Protect from UV damage 
* Provide potent antioxidant benefits 
* Provide anti-inflammatory action 
* Promote healing 
* Influence cell metabolism


Elixseri scientists have pioneered the use of extremophile plants and their secondary metabolites in skincare, where they mimic the action of our own cells and positively influence our skin’s functions, making skin stronger and more resistant to ageing.  

Secondary metabolites are extracted from the plant’s meristem – the part of the stem where all the growth takes place. Using cell culture biotechnology (in-vitro), secondary metabolites are encouraged to reproduce more metabolites and are ‘boosted’ to improve their effectiveness and performance. 

For example, to obtain an ingredient with a very high UV protection capacity, the cell cultures are subjected to doses of UV rays. This stimulates the production of additional UV defences. Or if an ingredient is to have an even more optimising effect on the microbiome, tiny quantities of microbes are added to the cell culture to encourage the production of a more microbiome-friendly product.  

We call these extracts Meristem Concentrates, but many brands refer to them as stem cells. We choose not to use the term stem cell because it is misleading – real stem cells are living things and they are a) not allowed in cosmetics and b) would not survive in a skincare formula.  

A diagram showing a plant meristem


Because humans share the same genetic origins as plants, the meristem concentrates are bio-identical to our own cells and are therefore highly compatible with our own skin.  

Elixseri Meristem Concentrates have a very low molecular weight and can penetrate deep into the skin where they mimic the action of amino acids, hormones and neurotransmitters. They are able to positively influence and reprogram the natural functioning of our cells, enhancing cellular life and optimising our skin’s systems so that it is stronger and more resistant to ageing.  

Chemical make up of plants

* Are bio-identical and compatible to our own skin cells 
* Enhance the functions of the skin 
* Slow down the ageing process by protecting and extending cell longevity 
* Slow down the breakdown of collagen and stimulate its production 
* Provide superior antioxidant protection 
* Provide remarkable anti-inflammatory actions 
* Combats the effects of UV exposure on the skin 
* Optimises the skin’s ability to regenerate


Sourcing precious secondary metabolites for our Meristem Concentrates is not that easy: there may be a low abundance of the plant in its natural habitat; variations in plant harvesting times; variations in soil conditions; the threat of contamination by environmental pollutants such as pesticides, fertiliser, and sewage leaks.  

But cell culture biotechnology is a sustainable way to ensure enough supply, while protecting the plant species. It is a perfect fusion of nature and science. 

An Edelweiss flower pictured on the side of a mountain. Edelweiss, an extremophile plant, has many skin benefitting nutrients and is 3 times more powerful than Vitamin C in antioxidant activity.

Our meristem concentrates are free chemical solvents, preservatives and environmental pollutants. 

The technology maintains biodiversity and plant populations. 

The yield of a biotechnologically produced meristem is 1,000 times that from a plant. 


Guided by our scientists, we select plants based on their known therapeutic benefits and on their incredible ability to defend and protect themselves in harsh environments (e.g. Edelweiss and Arabian Cotton). Our chosen plants have the strongest and most active secondary metabolites, which is exactly what we want for our skin!  

Here are our favourites:

An Edelwiess flower. Edelweiss meristem, a potent antioxidant, three times more than Vitamin C, used in Elixseri Opening Act serum.


Switzerland’s national flower, Edelweiss grows in the intense freezing conditions of the Alps. It is known to activate Sirtuins – proteins that optimise cell longevity. Edelweiss is one of the most powerful antioxidants and it offers a high level of natural photoprotection against UV rays as well as protection against skin irritation.  

Edelweiss Meristem is found in:

Opening Act – Overnight resurfacing treatment serum 

A Gardenia flower. Gardenia meristem preserves and stimulates collagen, used in Elixseri Rescue Diver and Firm Conviction serums.


Rich in antioxidants and highly defensive and anti-inflammatory polyphenols, it has a scientifically proven and unrivalled ability to preserve and stimulate collagen production. Gardenia meristem can help slow down the loss of firmness and can help preserve skin’s youthful elasticity. 

Gardenia Meristem is found in: 

Rescue Diver – Hydrating and cell plumping serum  

Firm Conviction – Lifting, contouring and shaping Serum  

Capsicum, also known as Red Chilli, has many skin benefiting nutrients. Capsicum meristem used in Elixseri Smooth Player and Firm Conviction serums.


This hot, exotic fruit is packed with skin-benefiting minerals and nutrients essential for giving cells the energy they need to perform their protective, reparative and regenerative functions. A powerful antioxidant, Capsicum Meristem Concentrate energises the skin and stimulates cell metabolism and the regeneration of new cells to improve skin tone and firmness.   

Capsicum Meristem is found in: 

Smooth Player – Line smoothing skin radiance serum 

Firm Conviction – Lifting, contouring and shaping serum 

A Soya plant naturally rich in Vitamin E. Soya meristem is used in Elixseri Smooth Player serum.


Naturally rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants which benefit the skin when applied topically. Soy is packed with isoflavones which promote cell rejuvenation and increase collagen content for improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkle depth.  

Soya Meristem is found in:

Smooth Player – Line smoothing skin radiance serum 

Centella Asiatica has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to protect the skin. Centella Asiatica meristem used in Elixseri Smooth Player and Skin Meditation serums.


Centella Asiatica is packed with benefits: it’s rich in amino acids, fatty acids and a host of phytonutrients and polyphenols which give potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to protect the skin. Additionally, researchers have identified specific chemicals in the plant that help to heal wounds.  

Centella Asiatica Meristem is found in: 

Smooth Player – Line smoothing skin radiance serum 

Skin Meditation – Anti-stress and cellular energy serum  

An Echinacea flower. Echinacea meristem is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and promote cell regeneration. It is used in Elixseri Skin Meditation serum.


A patented innovation. Echinacea Meristem Concentrate is rich in phytochemicals including flavonoids, polysaccharides and echinacoside, and is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and stimulate collagen production. A true all-rounder! It even helps to protect skin from external ravages and reinforce a healthy microbiome. 

Echinacea Meristem is found in:

Skin Meditation – Anti-stress and cellular energy serum

Arabian Cotton is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Arabian Cotton meristem is used in Elixseri Skin Meditation serum.


Native to the Sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia, Arabian Cotton has developed powerful defensive molecules (phenolics and flavonoids) to enable it to survive. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and when applied topically, it even has the ability to stimulate our skin’s own defence mechanism (our natural SPF) with remarkable protection against sun exposure. 

Arabian Cotton Meristem is found in:

Skin Meditation – Anti-stress and cellular energy serum  

A bunch of green garden cress which contains Isothiocyanatesms - powerful skin benefitting compounds. Swiss Garden Cress used in Elixseri Skin Meditation serum.


Cress contains great skin benefitting compounds, isothiocyanates, which have the proven ability to detoxify environmental pollutants and toxins that can lead to pigmentation and an attack on skin structures. It is also proven to increase skin firmness and smooth the skin. 

Swiss Garden Cress is found in Skin Meditation – Anti-stress and cellular energy serum  

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