A blonde lady sitting cross legged on a round blue chair in her living room, smiling looking at the camera.


Fanny Sennheiser

ceramicist & founder of Dàna en Voyage

Who is Fanny Sennheiser? How would you describe yourself?   

I am a French-Swiss ceramic artist and yoga instructor living in both Zurich and France, with my two children. I am the owner of two companies: Dàna en voyage and Fanny Sennheiser Ceramics. I’m a cheerful and curious person and cherish friendship, authenticity, and conviviality, particularly when gathered around a table. I grew up in a bohemian oasis in France, where artists, musicians, and comedians congregated to celebrate life. Culture, literature, and art permeated every aspect of my upbringing. 

Dàna en Voyage has a lovely spiritual feel to it. What does spirituality mean to you?    

Dàna en voyage is a fusion of my passions: ceramics, art, travel, and the community spirit of yoga. Rooted in spiritual inspiration, the brand embodies the Sanskrit concept of “Dàna,” signifying altruism—a principle we endeavor to share with our customers and community, especially through our yoga retreats in France. 

To me, spirituality encompasses acknowledging a belief in something larger than myself. It involves seeking purpose in life, forging connections with others, and striving for a sense of transcendence that brings me inner peace. Meditation helps me to connect with something higher, to find the clarity and strength I need to move forward. Spirituality, to me, involves following the guiding principles and values of yoga. 

A book on Rajasthan in India, set amongst pink accessories and pink flowers on a light grey background with a handmade seagrass fan, pen and incense stick nearby.

You work with lots of local artisans in India. What was it that attracted you to work with them?    

I would say, my work as a ceramist has enabled me to understand the value of the work behind creating handmade objects. I love the slow, meticulous process of creating a piece. I guess this appreciation made me want to promote the beautiful work of craftsmen. India is a country with incredible craftsmanship. In India, the knowledge and beauty behind each handmade piece is passed down from generation to generation, and this know-how should be valued and shown. We sell beautiful handmade travel journals from India, and we also work with talented artisans in Europe and Switzerland.

Handmade travel journals on India, made by local Artisans.

What does a typical day entail at Dàna en Voyage?   

I start the day very early with a meditation and some pranayama yoga exercises. Then, after a good cup of coffee, I check the orders on my computer. I work on various projects such as producing new press kits to promote our brand to journalists and I’m working on a new collaboration in Bangkok with an incredible healer and fashion designer…she’s designing traditional fisherman’s yoga pants for Dàna. I am also planning our yoga retreats in France as well as producing new pieces of porcelain in my atelier. I’m also working on the promotion of our yoga sweatshirts collection. Each sweater has a mantra printed on it and I’m proud to say that Zoë Pastelle accepted to be our model for the collection. 

A blonde woman wearing a colourful shirt and white trousers sitting in front of a black marble fireplace with a big red painting behind. Ceramics laid out on the coffee table.
A woman with long blonde hair sitting crossed legged on the floor in a yoga position.

Do you have any words of encouragement for anyone who is keen to make a career out of what they love doing, but is intimidated by where to start? 

That’s a very interesting question because many people don’t trust themselves to follow their own intuition when it comes to a new job or their life in general.  

For me, it started with a long process of listening to myself. A new vision takes time to take shape and to grow. It takes time to make sure that the path you want to take is the right one and you then need to find the tools to train yourself in this area. The best guide is your intuition. If believe that if you can combine your passion and your work, you’ll succeed. 

Two women in a design meeting discussing design options in a bright and light room.

You also make beautiful ceramics. What inspired you to follow this creative path?   

I was brought up in a cultured family, and my childhood was shaped by my mother, who gave me a taste for beautiful things and creativity. Other tutelary figures influence my vision of elegance and simplicity such as my family friend Andrée Putman and Niki de Saint Phalle and Piet Stockmans. My ceramics are made from the finest porcelain and are inspired by my childhood memories, travels, art or simply impressions from nature. My brand is slowly evolving with artistic collaborations with illustrators, private commissions, and exhibitions. 

Smiling Table ceramics - a handmade bowl and mug decorated with smiling stars set amongst pretty pastel accessories on a clean white background.
A handpainted cream ceramic bowl and mug, decorated with cartoon mice riding a bicycle around the edges.

Who are your personal role models, and how do they influence you? 

I have someone in mind…my mother of course. She was a ray of sunshine. A talented person capable of cooking for her friends, organising big festivals as well as tending her garden. She was a loving soul. Another big role model for me is Brigitte Fossey, a beautiful woman, generous and feminine. She is Dàna en voyage’s godmother. Dieter Meier, the multi-talented artist and businessman also inspires me. He is creative in music, art, ceramics and is a restaurant owner. He constantly creates new businesses in chocolate, wine and meat produced in Argentina. He’s a free spirit and we share the same passion for Argentina. 

Dàna en Voyage was founded after travelling to India on a yoga retreat and you have been practicing yoga for a long time. What do you think the benefits of yoga are for those that practice?   

Ahahh, the benefits are endless but I would say it offers flexibility to the body, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, clears the mind, and helps with sleep issues. Probably the most important benefit for Elixseri customers is the improvement in skin quality and radiance. 

A smiling blonde lady doing yoga in a powder blue sweatshirt with a colourful lotus on.

You have great skin, we’d love to know what your skincare routine looks like?

When I wake up, I drink a glass of water with lemon. I then cleanse my skin with Dr Hauschka’s Pine Cleansing Gel and follow with a toner from La Rosée Paris. Then I use the incredible Smooth Player serum from Elixseri. I love its delicate scent and how it moisturises my skin instantly. I also use Skin Meditation, which is ideal for my dry skin in winter. After this I use Skin food from Weleda as a day cream. I do a night peel three times a week, with Opening Act and I also use a mask from La Rosée Paris or Susanne Kaufmann every week. My daughter Lily is very clued up on skinscare products and I rely on her for further advice! 

Finally, do you have any words or mantras you live by?  

The Gayatri mantra which cultivates clarity. It helps me to clearly understand all things and situations that are presented to me. From this clarity, we should act with patience, compassion, kindness and tolerance. When practiced sincerely, it influences the functions of the brain and mind, enabling us to act and live with clarity. 

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