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Is your skin being a bit temperamental this winter? Does it feel tight, dry and uncomfortable? Is it lacking radiance and looking a bit dull? We delve into what may be happening to your skin and offer some tips and solutions to restore a dewy glow.

If so, it may be that your Lipid Barrier is compromised. The Lipid Barrier is your skin’s protective oily layer, your first line of defence, which keeps irritants out and keeps moisture in. When the Lipid Barrier is compromised it can result in dryness, dehydration and discomfort.

There are many reasons why your Lipid Barrier could be compromised but the cold winter weather could be the culprit. The cold can strip away lipds (oils) from your lipid barrier, removing some of the protection it offers. Furthermore, our natural production of lipids is reduced during the winter, making a bad situation worse.

In winter, there is also less humidity in the air (as cold air contains less water than warm air) and if you have central heating on, this also removes moisture from the air. The extra dryness means that moisture in your skin will evaporate more quicklly, making you feel drier and tighter.

Here are some tips which will help ease the discomfort and bring back your glow.


Apply the same rules to your winter skincare as you do with your winter clothing: Layer!

We would recommend using Smooth Player and Skin Meditation together. This combination will protect and reinforce your lipid barrier, providing it with the nourishing and replenishing lipids (oils) that your skin needs.

Smooth Player Line Smoothing and Radiance Serum

A silky and creamy serum which alleviates dryness and smoothes away the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also brings luminosity and glow to your complexion. Apply day and night to clean skin and follow with Skin Meditation

  • 100% of users noticed more hydrated skin
  • 92% noticed smoother skin.
  • 79% of users said that that they noticed an increase in radiance. (Results based on Elixseri’s blind user-tests performed on a consumer focus group of over 100 subjects in a time frame of 30 days.)
elixseri smooth player moisturising serum in snow

Skin Meditation Stress Neutralizing Energy Serum

A cottony-soft, nourishing and soothing anti-stress serum which revitalises skin suffering from the effects of environmental aggressors such as the cold weather and UV rays.

elixseri skin meditation soothing serum in snow
  • 100% of users noticed a reduction in skin stress
  • 100% reported less sensitivity.
  • 90% noticed diminished spots and pigmentation. (Results based on Elixseri’s blind user-tests performed on a consumer focus group of over 100 subjects in a time frame of 30 days.)


A humidifier will add moisture to the air, helping your skin feel less dehydrated. Keep it in your bedroom and turn it on one hour before bedtime. DIY tip – If you do not have a humidifier, place a bowl of water on your radiator overnight and you will notice that skin feels more comfortable and dewy in the morning.

elixseri winter skincare advice on humidifiers
elixseri marina jovicic treatment


It is important to have regular facials to keep skin comfortable and nourished throughout the winter. This ensures you remove cellular debris and will encourage cellular renewal and balance oil production. We really recommend a Hydrafacial every 4-6 weeks. And remember to use Opening Act 3 times a week!


Keep lips lovely and soft. Use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate any dry skin from your lips and apply a light layer of Skin meditation.

elixseri winter lip care advice
elixseri winter hand care advice

Take care of your hands and treat them to an overnight treatment. Apply Opening Act to your hands and just before going to bed, apply a really thick layer of Skin Meditation. Wear cotton gloves for the night (not very sexy, we know!) and you will wake up to soft and rejuvenated hands the next morning.

You may have noticed that your hair is drier and more brittle. Use a nourishing hair mask overnight. And if you ever have any left-over Smooth Player or Skin Meditation on your hands, run them through the tips of your hair – they work really well to moisturise dry ends!

elixseri winter hair care advice
elixseri winter skincare advice on supplements


Those with dry skin should consider taking an essential fatty acid supplement, such as Omega 3s. Omegas provide support for your skin’s barrier function, improving skin’s hydration levels and balancing oil production. Dry, rough, or irritated skin will feel calmer and soothed. Our favourites are Borage Seed Oil and Sea Buckthorn.

Click here if you would like advice on choosing an Elixseri serum targeted to your skin type and skin condition.

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