elixseri serums are for all genders. Serums are great for those who prefer light, fresh textures that penetrate quickly, leaving no greasy residue.

Why serums are loved by men

57% of men worldwide claim to regularly use skincare and while men like to keep their routines simple, they are also getting more demanding in terms of the results they are seeking. Which is why men really enjoy using serums: they are easy to use, they penetrate deeply without leaving any greasy residue and they provide excellent and visible results.

Men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s skin, with a shiny T-zone. Men are also more prone to blemishes due to their testosterone levels. But at the end of the day, skin is skin, whatever gender you are. And men, like women can suffer from issues such as sensitivities, neurodermatitis and rosacea.

One of the main causes of sensitivity and irritation is shaving. Traditional after-shaves often lead to irritation, due to their content of alcohol which can dry out and inflame the skin. We would recommend swapping your after-shave for RESCUE DIVER, our deeply hydrating serum. Applied to freshly shaved skin, it is a blast of freshness which will provide deep hydration all day long and it will help inhibit any irritation or inflammation.

To provide skin barrier protection and comfort, we recommend SMOOTH PLAYER or SKIN MEDITATION – both are beautifully light, creamy serums which provide nourishment and energy for your cells. We recommend SMOOTH PLAYER for normal/ combination skin and SKIN MEDITATION for drier skin. Each serum can be used alone or layered over RESCUE DIVER.

For those with oily skin we really recommend FIRM CONVICTION. This is our most popular serum for men as it instantly penetrates, tightens pores and has a fantastic mattifying effect which will control any shine on the T-zone.

And we must not forget the most important step – to regularly resurface/ exfoliate. This will stop the build-up of cellular debris and keratinization. OPENING ACT ensures that dead skin cells are sloughed off and that cellular renewal is enhanced, leading to fresher, more balanced and better nourished skin.



Night: Use OPENING ACT up to 4 times a week. Apply RESCUE DIVER or FIRM CONVICTION on top after 10 minutes.

Day time: Use RESCUE DIVER and follow with FIRM CONVICTION.


Night: Use OPENING ACT up to 3 times a week. Apply RESCUE DIVER or SMOOTH PLAYER on top after 10 minutes.

Day time: Use RESCUE DIVER and follow with SMOOTH PLAYER.


Night: Use OPENING ACT up to 4 times a week. Apply SKIN MEDITATION on top after 10 minutes.

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